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'S63' by James Durose-Rayner

Published December, 2001 

The Ultimate Hero... or Anti-Hero 

The narrative is as aggressive as the story is violent, but it is meant to be like that

Genre: Fiction, Adult

Jimmy Greaves has a dark past - but he left it and moved abroad - however following the death of his best friend he returns to the industrial wastelands of South Yorkshire only to enter a world of violence, deceit, lies, blackmail and racial hatred.

During one week in his life he has to put the pieces of this bent and twisted jigsaw together, only to be encountered by more and more problems.

It is a dark and complex story, but if you are open-minded, it is a story that will make you laugh and certainly make you cry.


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Warning: The content is extremely graphic

Copies of 'S63' are now changing hands at anything between £40 - £110 on the internet as the current world we live in makes it highly unlikely that a book such as this well ever be written again - or certainly ever published again


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