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'S5 Uncovered' by James Durose-Rayner

Published July, 2016

Welcome to the lower echelons of north Sheffield's underworld 

Fiction based on a series of events that have been documented in the media

Genre: Fiction based on fact, Adult, Black humour

BBC's current affairs programme 'Panorama' did a 60 minute documentary / exposé surrounding an elite government task force that went undercover in Sheffield over a period of 12 months - their remit to use the Proceeds of Crime Act to to fill up the police federations coffers using illegally gained intelligence, whilst on one hand overlooking, and in some cases encouraging major criminal activity such as murder, kidnap and torture; whilst on the other, surreptitiously acquiring pre-bargained guilty pleas from defendants then reneging on deals, which culminated in some of the heaviest sentences ever handed out in the UK. However this programme was never aired.

The story: The Bristol-office of SOCA are interested in a man who originates from the north Sheffield area and its deputy director - Don Chaps, contacts South Yorkshire Police and he asks them to lift him for questioning. After the first bout of questioning, the powers-that-be clear the cells for New Year's Eve and release him on bail. Unfortunately for SOCA he gets murdered and what the police assume to be just another low-level drug related murder on the 'Cross (Parson Cross), it turns out to be a little bit more than that.

SOCA are working towards its dissolution and integration into the NCA (National Crime Agency) and its head office down in Vauxhall, London are overly concerned that a current child protection case in Rotherham and Sheffield is being dragged out to the point of stalling and they suggest that the deputy director should stay in Sheffield, not only to investigate the reasons behind the murder, but to also weed out the problems within the existing office and force convictions.

He eventuallygoes about setting up a covert task force out of an old warehouse in the Shalesmoor area of the city to follow a set of 'Primary Markers' – half of whose sole purpose is the acquisition of money and drugs via violence, whilst the other half are just civilians – both sets of who -continually use each other.

The idea was not to bring them in – but to let them go about their everyday business but to always be one step ahead of them using covert surveillance – SOCA's remit being to fill the coffers of the police federation using 'their interpretation' of the 'Proceeds of Crime Act'.

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Photograph. Two of SOCA's Primary Markers - 'The Ops Man' and 'Dunk' walking towards The Wicker Arches in Sheffield.

An idiot's guide to fiction?

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Fiction means: written stories about people and events that are not real : literature that tells stories which are imagined by the writer

Fiction means: something that is not true

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