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Putting together 'S63'

Published December 2001

Genre: Fiction. Adult

My intention was always to do an 'underground' book and 'S63' was exactly that. 

The narrative is as aggressive as the story is violent - It is meant to be like that. At the time we had major family problems - and I needed an outlet and this was that outlet. 

I am not surprised that copies are now changing hands at anything between £40 - £110 on the internet as the current world we live in makes it highly unlikely that a book such as this well ever be written again - or certainly ever published again - especially as the printers had to get their lawyers in to go over the content before the progressed with it as they said it had 'racist undertones'.  You have to always  understand that the story takes place in a different time and place.

The book is a 100% work of fiction which took me around nine months to write.

The Story

The basis to the story is not too dissimilar to the plot in the 1971 film 'Get Carter' in that the prodigal son returns home for a funeral only to be greeted by a mess.  

It covers a week in the life of Jimmy Greaves - a quiet individual with an aggressive underside, who's best friend and business partner has died at an early age.

He uncovers, blackmail, deceit and hatred as he tries to get to the bottom of what actually happened to his friend.

The Characters 

Phil Benford - a.k.a 'Benny the Ball' and Simon Littlewood - a.k.a 'Chooch'

These were both based on real people within the industry I work in and who got their nicknames courtesy of the TV cartoon 'Top Cat'.

'Jarvis' was based around one of my best mates - Mark Jarvis, however in the story I gave him the look of 'Jarvis Cocker' of 'Pulp' fame as I really liked the group.

Barney Marriot - a.k.a 'Baz the Maz'

Baz Maz was based on a friend at the time who was under investigation for a £3.2M scam by the fraud squad . His father's company had been getting grants from the Government agency he worked for. He got expunged of the 'crime' but it helped blow a hole in his marriage, which was sad as they were a really nice couple.

He now lives in Australia.

Meet Uncle Buck 

Photograph: Freddie Starr

Uncle Buck? 

In my head I gave him the look of Freddie Starr. I don't know why, I just did.

Buck and his wife - Auntie Irene were loosely based around my uncle - Peter Rayner and certainly his common-law wife - Irene, who is far more closer to her character than my uncle is.

Photograph. S63- There were only 3000 copies printed. Books are now changing hands over the internet for between £40-£110 

You will either love it or you will hate it 

S63 is a fantastic story. Complex, but fantastic. It will have you gripped. The narrative is gritty and could be construed as offensive, as is both the violence and sexual content . However, the story is as contagious as its characters.

If you have an open-mind then S63 is a fantastic ride.


Blondes have more fun? 

The women in the book - bar one - Truly Trewitt - Were all depicted as dark and beautiful, which I have to say I took I few bollockings for. Firstly from my wife and then from Claire who did the editing. They were both blonde and 'Why wasn't there anyone with blonde hair in it?' was a question that I got hit with a few times.

I never thought about it to be honest.

The character 'Truly Trewitt' was based on someone I knew and who my mate Carl Eades described as being the 'Village bike'. It wasn't a nice description but it was about right. There was also degree of selfishness about her, which if I am brutally honest - I abhor.  I hate selfish people. 


The Police Inquiry 

Although the book is fiction, two detectives from the regional police force decided to question me about its content - I've no idea which part - although there have been a few copycat instances of disposing a body since. The questioning was part of a 'perverting the course of justice case' which never made second base.

There was one policeman - who wasn't then, but strangely he is now - That was at the root of the said questioning - What a big fat fucking useless wanker he was ... or is. I used his alter-ego as a paedophile who gets shot in 'S5 Uncovered'.


I wrote it as a serial - not a script - but a serial, and we had Film4 interested. True story, that. They weren't averse to the sexual content in it, but they were wary about the violence and 'who' it was directed at, therefore in the end they passed on it. There is a 'them and us' issue within the story that doesn't sit well within the times we live in.

It was a shame as 90% of things they show on TV is garbage. This, if it was done right would have been exceptional.

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