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'ITV 7' by James Durose-Rayner

Published December, 2015

The second part of the Arsenal Trilogy

A truly beautiful story

And the Ultimate Story to tell a Story

The cover was drawn by one of the UK's leading illustrators, Tim D'Addio.

Genre: Fiction based on fact, Humour

'ITV 7' A truly beautiful story.

High-flying sports media mogul and David Beckham doppelgänger, Mr. Arsenal otherwise known as Lee Janes is still living every football fans dream. 

Following the production of his company's documentaries on the former-Arsenal player Jon Sammels; England's failed World Cup bid and Ramsey's failings of 1970; and the deceit surrounding Munich 1958 his company had started to be taken very seriously and were awarded a six-month contract to give ITV a few hours a week.

However things don't always go to plan – not in his life anyway.

Whilst his new wife gets rushed into hospital to have a baby, complications set in. That’s not all. There are also complications outside his home life as his best mate and business partner sell their company from under his nose - with one of the stipulations of the contract being, that he can't produce sports documentaries for the next three years.

What to do?

He has a couple of opportunities thrown his way by both NBC and Fox Sports but certain developments keep him in North London, one of which is ITV.

Therefore side-tracked by his home-life that includes a loving wife; a needy ex-wife;  a miserable baby; and an even more miserable football team which is led by an even more miserable manager he sees his team’s 2014/15 season mirroring both the 1958/59 season and the 1972/73 season - and he comes up with ‘Parallel’s – The throwing away of the Doubles’.

However that doesn't even scratch the surface of the story that is ‘ITV 7’.

‘ITV 7’ will fill a lot of the holes from ‘I Am Sam’, with part of the narrative told by his ex-wife.

Photograph. The unveiling of £220,000 signing Alan Ball - subject of the British Record Transfer fee. A round peg in a square hole?

Photograph. January 1973. Tensions get high after David Craig of Newcastle clatters Charlie George.
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