'ITV 7'. A truly beautiful story 


by James Durose-Rayner 

Member of the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain

Easy and visual reading.

Rule 1. Write what you know. Rule 2. Never pontificate.

Photograph (left). Chris "Basher" Wainwright reading 'I AM SAM' (right) Mark Jarvis reading 'S5 Uncovered'.


I used Chris as a character in 'ITV 7' and 'Queen of Cups' and Mark a character in 'S63' and 'Queen of Cups'. Both lovely people.

I have written well over 200 magazines and am currently on with writing several books, none of which I have to say were pre-planned.




I wrote 'S63' in 2001 as an underground book and told myself after that, that I wouldn't write another. Not that I didn't enjoy it - I did - It was just that when you are constantly writing you need a break from it.

The narrative is very gritty and the content graphic, however the story is possibly as good as you will ever get.

'S5 Uncovered' 


In 2008/9 I had a friend who was half way through an eight year prison sentence for a Section 18 offence and I said that that I would work on a script around him. The script evolved into a 13-episode serial, which I 'was and wasn't' happy with. The film director Ken Loach advised me to condense it into a 90 minute script, but there was too much going on in it to do that amount of cutting - therefore over seven trips to Cyprus during 2013, 'S5' was borne.

I had a Daniel Walker from BSkyB get in touch regarding 'S5' - who stated - 'We don't do anything in-house ourselves but if you can get an indie company interested in it - then definitely come and speak to us.'

'I Am Sam' 


I have read numerous autobiographies with football being something of a passion. My favourite bio's were probably Stan Bowles, Derek Dooley, Stan Anderson, Neil Warnock and Peter Swan, but outside of those the others I have read were fairly pitiful - Tony Currie and Eddie Hapgood being possibly the worst.

'The Damned United' was a fiction based on fact kind of novel, which was okay, but it was nothing compared to 'The Worst of Friends - The Betrayal of Joe Mercer'. I liked that. 

Even though I'm from South Yorkshire my football team has always been Arsenal, therefore I fancied doing something similar and my 'Sammy' project was borne. This turned out nothing like I thought it would. It took me about seven weeks to write, bollocksed up my right eye and played hell with my head, but I totally loved it.

'ITV 7' 


'ITV 7'  is a follow up to the characters in  'I Am Sam' and the second part of which will be a trilogy of Arsenal-related books.

This one was a strange one to write as I used a few people I know from my Twitter list - using names and in some instances part of their real life characters.

I tend to start a book from the middle and work either side of it until I get what I term as a spine. ITV 7 was no different and once I got the spine I worked around it and what I ended up with, was quite a lovely story.

'Queen of Cups' 


'Queen of Cups' is a follow up to 'I Am Sam' and 'ITV 7' and the last part of the Arsenal-based trilogy and was completed for pre-edit in January 2017.

'I Am Sam' and 'ITV 7' I considered both funny and lovely stories  - 'Queen of Cups' follows suit but it has a dark underlying layer.

The story is quite big and therefore the publishers decided it would be more practical to break it down into two parts.


I am currently on with 'Moles' which is a story I had thought about since I was about 17 or 18. I have no idea how it will pan out, as everything I write turns out nothing like I envisaged. I try to write about what I know and as this is littered with things that I know I will be pulled up on it - Not that I ever ever really given a shit about consequences ! This should go through the motions of being edited and proofed in 2017.

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'S63' published December 2001

'I Am Sam' published February 2015

'ITV 7' published December 2015

'S5 Uncovered' published July 2016

'Moles' being written to be published 2017/18

'The Queen of Cups' completed - currently going through pre-edit to be published 2017

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