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'Queen of Cups' by James Durose-Rayner

Completed. Currently going through 4th edit. 

The Third and final part of the Arsenal Trilogy (in two parts)

Queen of Cups: Part 1

Queen of Cups: Part 2

The truth behind the façade

The Ultimate Story to tell a Story

Genre: Fiction based on fact, Humour

Get ready for it.

High-flying sports media mogul and David Beckham doppelgänger, Mr. Arsenal otherwise known as Lee Janes is still living every football fans dream. Or is he?

Fast forward to July 2015, and Lee takes a brief look at what has passed since the start of ITV 7, before embarking on what is to come. 
What has passed is fairly rangy - from the duplicitous nature of his best friend and the unwarranted hatred of his ex-wife's boyfriend through to tales of his past and the current problems that he faces. 

In between he gets cajoled into doing a job on the side - a football documentary that covers the Terry Neill Years - from the summer of 1976 to the beginning of his downfall in the late summer of 1980. The lies and deceit from inside the club, the failed transfers and indecisiveness that stopped Arsenal competing at the very top, along with the underhanded nature of the ex-Arsenal player that only a couple of years earlier had been facing the sack as manager of Hull City. 
It is a subject so interesting that he wonders why he had never done it before - a hard-hitting documentary which includes facts that have never been aired or dare mentioned  - so much so he seeks clarification an ex-player - the candidly spoken and extremely forthright Maverick and erratic genius  that is Alan Hudson - Neill's £200,000 signing from Stoke City and a person that he ends up befriending.

‘Queen of Cups’ will fill a lot of the holes from ‘I Am Sam’ and 'ITV 7', with part of the narrative told by his ex-business partner and best friend Sooty, and Abi - his No. 2.

However that doesn't even scratch the surface of the story that is 'Queen of Cups'.

See 'Putting together Queen of Cups'.

Photograph. Alan Hudson in the 1978 F.A Cup Final. One of only a few Arsenal players who did himself justice

Photograph. Alan Hudson - The Erratic Genius. Good man management and ambition could have catapulted Arsenal to even greater heights.