S63 by James Durose-Rayner

What they said ..

There is a lot within the book that we can highly recommend.
- Lee Brazier, Creative Executive, FilmFour

Created by a dark fantasy, a married couple's world spirals out of control.
The language is shocking, the sex graphic, the violence crude .. and the Characters? Jesus Christ - Wow. You have to ask yourself - is this really fiction? Set in the run down South Yorkshire village, the plot unfolds a conspiracy of lies and deceit, culminating into some epitaph

'Unputdownable - S63 is a different world which is difficult to leave. 

Shocking in places, but the urge to find out what happens and how it all fits together predominates. Fascinating characters, a definite sense of place and time and an absolute honesty make it a unique contemporary novel and excellent reading for the open minded.'


I was very surprised that a male author could adequately understand and interpret how a woman can follow a course of action only to please the man in her life and then continue in self destruct mode believing it to be the only way forward. 
Men and women alike in this book do not have choices but are forced into a course of action due others and their behaviour. In reality we humans are not as nice as we would like to believe we are. Obviously the author has a very close connection to the area he describes. Did the author intend for Jimmy to be a hero? I think not, I believe he is the man women are attracted to, strong, sensitive and brutal just like the story.