I Am Sam by James Durose-Rayner

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A review of I AM SAM by journalist and sports writer 
Josh Sippie

A review of I AM SAM by journalist and sports writer
Dan Betts

A review of I AM SAM by journalist and sports writer 
Paul Hatt

A review of I AM SAM by journalist and sports writer 
Dave Faber


'The wit in this beautiful story, particularly the Arsenal-centred wit, will have any Arsenal or football aficionado chuckling throughout the story - Best read I've had in quite some time'

Josh Sippie, Editor, FanSided Daily

'A very cleverly written story with a great storyline, which had me transfixed. My wife commented on how much I was laughing out loud while reading it'

Jon Cousens, Gunflash Magazine

'It's a touch of pure brilliance - unputdownable!'

Johanne Edgington, Accountant and Arsenal supporter

'A well crafted book - There being more than one storyline we actually get a mixture of happy and somewhat sad endings. That is quite something to achieve - The author has succeeded in handling a difficult concept with no small amount of skill.'

Editor, Goonerholic.com

•  Wish I was Lee

•  Wish I had his girlfriend

•  What would he have made of Arsenal at the weekend?

•  I can't stop looking at woman's feet!!

Great read, look forward to the next!

Jeremy Gear, Arsenal supporter in Turkey 

A major strength of the book is the storytelling with the character and his travails possessing  enough depth to transfer to any backdrop - Choosing a player such as Sammels, one whose contribution to the time is frequently reduced to the periphery gives the book an interesting thrust - Charlie George or Frank McLintock are the obvious heroes, easy targets, Sammels wasn’t and makes, I think, for a better read -  I wait with baited breath for Abou Diaby’s return, if for no other reason to call him Emily.

Editor, aclfarsenal.co.uk

I have just finished reading your book and would like to tell you how much I enjoyed it. With a good story into which you wove an analysis of soccer at the time of Sammy's Arsenal career I loved it. For Arsenal supporters of a certain age it brings back so many memories and your insight into his time there provides some interesting theories. I  wrote to Sammy when certain sections of the crowd turned on him and he was good enough to send a hand written reply. It meant a lot to a youngster to get a letter from one of his heroes. The book also produces some real laugh out loud moments and amusing tales. I do hope there can be some form of follow up or sequel and look forward to hearing if this happens. Once again many thanks and congratulations on a brilliant story.

Ian Smith - Arsenal Supporter

I bought my dad 'I Am Sam' for Fathers Day. He can't stop raving about it.

Greg Adams, GCA Publishing