Photograph Album
James Durose-Rayner

From the family album

Me, learning the art of mining - Scarborough, September 1969. My mum must have had a go at my hair with the bacon scissors by the look of it.

1969/1970. Me in the front garden at my Nana and Granddad Durose's house at 9 The Crescent, Bolton-upon-Dearne. The Alsatian is "Boot" who I used as a character in "S5".

1967. Me and my uncle - John Durose, sat on the steps of 11 Maori Avenue, Bolton-upon-Dearne. That is one of my other uncle's - Paul Durose (our Paul and Steve's dad) in the doorway. Uncle Paul - Another who worked at Barnburgh Main (Pit).

Bridlington 1966 or 1967. Me in the push chair. That's my uncle (5 years older than me) - John Durose, and my Granddad Sam (Durose) in the back.

Bridlington 1965. Me on my the shoulders of my dad (Jim Durose). He worked at Barnburgh Main (Pit) back then.

1965. Outside 11 Maori Avenue with my Granddad (Sam) Durose. My granddad was yet another who worked at Barnburgh (Main) Pit.

Some more recent snaps.

A much younger me in a tunnel underneath Glasgow circa 1997, doing my "day job". The majority of my family were like moles in that we spent half of our lives underground.

Me, Julie and her mum and dad stood outside the old house in Vrysoulles. I part-wrote "S5" there. Julie's dad worked at Cortonwood Colliery (Pit) in Brampton Bierlow.

My son Jamie and his girlfriend Leanne. Jamie tried a life underground but he kicked it in the head.

My wife Julie with Mark "Jarv" Jarvis. A great friend of the family for close on 30 years and one of the nicest lads that I have ever come across. I used Jarv as a character in both "S63" and "Queen of Cups".

Julie and her mum and Julie and her dad stood outside the old house in Vrysoulles.

Julie and the Alsatian she rescued from Cyprus. "Ruff, ruff, I thank you".

Alan Hudson monopolising what 45 is going on the record player, back at our house post-the release of "Queen of Cups" and much to the dismay of Jarv. It was about 5.00am in the morning, though!

Me reading "The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids" to my daughters baby, Marci. Very far fetched, but nevertheless a classic! I used a bit of the story in "S5".

Our Paul (Durose), ex-Chelsea, Stoke and Arsenal footballer Alan Hudson and our Steve (Durose) having a meal out after the release of "Queen of Cups".

(Right) My daughter Carly. 
Our Steve's (Durose) daughter Amy is in the centre, and our Paul's (Durose) daughter Sheridan is to the left - both of who, always refer to me as "Uncle James".

Alan Hudson, our Paul and Steve and Jarv back at our house after the release of "Queen of Cups". Both my cousins wanted Roger Miller's "My Uncle used to Love Me but She Died" on, much to Huddy's disdain. "Roger facking Miller?" he argued.

2010. Julie with our Marci.

1990. The Vale of Belvoir, Leicestershire. 
Me on the right standing on a road header setting a circular steel ring. This is when I actually used to work for a living. I started work as a kid at Hickleton Main (Pit) in Thurnscoe. 

Julie (centre) with the Arsenal-mad, Reverend Cliff Kay and his lovely wife Jane at the party post-the release of "Queen of Cups". "Good will to all men, is not just for Christmas," he told me ...I've been chewing glass at times trying to keep to that New Year's Resolution! TBC..