Photograph. Our old house in Vrysoulles, Cyprus. We spent five great years there.

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The Me Show, Starring Me


Name: James Durose-Rayner

Birthplace: 15 Barker Street, Mexborough, South Yorkshire

Birthdate: 12:00am Midnight - 13th / 14th November, 1964

Height: 5'11

Married: Yes, to Julie

Children: Two - Daughter, Son - Carly, Jamie

School/s: Houghton Road infants + two weeks in the juniors, Thurnscoe; Carrfield Juniors, Bolton-upon-Dearne; and Dearneside Comprehensive, Goldthorpe - all South Yorkshire

House/s: 5-bed Manse (former vicarage) in North Lincolnshire and a 4-bed Villa in Eastern Cyprus

Cars: Mini Cooper, Mitsubishi - I said I will eventually buy a Maserati Garandturismo - however, it's looking more likely that it will be an SK as I am told by the wife (quite often) that I am rather wasteful with money ...

Type of phone: A couple of very posh and heavy Sony's that have a mind of their own

Type of Laptop: A couple of Toshiba's with a billion Gig of memory

Best Countries Visited: Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, China ...As for cities, definitely Paris and New York

Favourite Food: Lobster, Prawns, Crayfish - I adore Asian Food, though - especially Indian

Worst Food: Turnip, although at a push, I can eat it - It tastes like shit, but I can eat it

Miscellaneous Likes: You can't beat nice people and I absolutely adore Christmas

Miscellaneous Dislikes: Bills, queuing, really boring people, liars, bullshitters, parasites and ponces, pedantic twits - I have a 'nil constitution' for wankers and dick heads in general - Just ask anyone that knows me

Favourite TV: I don't watch TV as such - I have around 2000 DVD's - The Blacklist, Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, The Soprano's, Steptoe & Son, Auf Weideresehen, Pet, Likely Lads, Porridge, Rising Damp etc.

Favourite Films: Possibly, The Day of the Jackal (1973)

Favourite Actor/Actress: Naomi Watts is a nice actress. She's great in Eastern Promises and extremely versatile in Mullholland Drive

Favourite Music: Indie, Revivalist - Most things with a drum kit plus a few guitars - I hate boy bands, rap and all the other 'X' factor shite. 

Favourite Singers/Group: Brian Jonestown Massacre, Eels, Dandy Warhols, Blur, Supergrass, Super Furry Animals

Worst Music: As already stated - Rap - I hate it

Favourite Sport: Football - team Arsenal. I have a soft spot for both Leeds United and Sheffield Wednesday, while ever they aren't in the Premiership.

Favourite Sportsman / Hero: Jon Sammels, David Rocastle, Alan Hudson, all ex Arsenal

Favourite Books: 'Worst of friends - The Betrayal of Joe Mercer'. I also enjoyed Keith Waterhouse's 'Billy Liar'

Worst Books: There are loads of them

Favourite Internet Site: Probably - a couple of Arsenal sites which I read and and where I buy clothes and dvd's

Best part of your job: Completing a magazine and then flying out to Cyprus

Worst part of your job: Proofing on deadline day along with time wasters

Biggest influence at school: I suppose it was a teacher in the last year of junior school that stands out - Bruno Capaldi. He was a bit special in that even though he was quite eccentric - and he was, he was also very inspiring and took a huge interest in all of us. He also learned me to play chess.

Biggest influence on my career: Definitely my uncle - Steve Carman, the father of actress Sally Carman. A first rate guy. I both love and owe him a lot.

Biggest disappointment: I've never really had one - Although I've had loads of things that have pissed me off - but through life you just sort of deal with those

Most interesting person I have ever met: I am very fortunate that I have met hundreds of very, very interesting people

Which person would I most like to meet: Armed with a baseball bat and wearing a ski mask there are quite a few !

Photograph Album

My wife, Julie

House Number 1. North Lincolnshire

It took two years to fully strip out and refurbish.

(Left) The only original feature left was the fireplace and that could do with dragging out and replacing. (Right) The tower - a decorators nightmare and a spiders haven.

The resident fur rug. The two-year old Alsatian (Luce) my wife rescued from our previous next door neighbours in Cyprus. Now in the UK enjoying not being tied to a chain and concrete block 24/7.

House Number 2. Eastern Cyprus. This is our fifth move over there in 15 years, and hopefully our last - although early on we did move twice in eight months! The guy on the right of the pic squirting insects, we nickname "The Terminator."

Me-post the putting up of the "authentic", albeit extremely over-priced Arsenal clock-end clock in the lounge.

The wife in our pool

The house was a bit run down when we got it, but we're getting there

My wife, ex-Arsenal and England footballer Alan Hudson and our Joanne - my cousin Steve's wife having a bit of a meal out after the release of "Queen of Cups"

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