James Durose-Rayner

Member of the Writers' Guild of Great Britain

To get ideas you have to have lived a bit - Write what you know. That is unless you are a total sad bastard and just sit behind a desk in a back bedroom and write fantasy. There's nothing wrong with that, but if I had to do it I would probably have to blow my brains out.

To write about certain subjects, you have really got to have experienced them.

'I am Sam', 'ITV 7' and 'S5' are now totally completed and ready for order. 'S5' is a really big book - 910 pages.

Strangely 'S5' was written first, but the publishers wanted to go with 'I Am Sam' first.

I am half way through 'Moles' and it is very, very funny. I have also started work on 'The Queen of Cups'.

Both should be completed in 2016.